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How domestic violence affects divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Divorce

Many factors can impact the outcome of a Florida divorce. A divorce where domestic violence occurs can be very stressful for the abuse victim. Many domestic violence victims want to divorce, but they worry about the well-being of themselves and their children once their partner knows they want out of the marriage. While this can prove to be a dangerous situation, victims can benefit from being aware of how domestic violence can affect a divorce, so they’re prepared to protect themselves and their kids.  

Domestic violence and divorce  

Domestic violence can be physical or emotional, both of which can impact the way one should proceed forward with a divorce. Some victims may wish to get an order of protection against the other party before filing for divorce. The order may require the alleged abuser to have limited or no contact with minor children until the situation is resolved. Domestic violence may be considered during child custody negotiations as well. 

Victims of domestic violence may wish to get away from the marriage as quickly as possible. But it’s still important to deal with important matters like child support, spousal support, and asset division. In some cases, a judge may award a larger amount of marital assets to a domestic violence victim to help them get back on their feet after divorce.  

Legal advice 

The most important step when seeking divorce after domestic violence is to get to safety. Once a victim and the victim’s children are safe, they can file the necessary paperwork to end their marriage. By working with a Florida family law attorney, one can prepare for the often difficult and emotional process of divorce.