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Bird nesting works for some families after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Child Custody

Divorcing in Florida when one has minor children can come with many concerns about how best to share parenting responsibilities in a way that minimizes the stress on the kids. Sharing custody and splitting parenting time is not always easy and moving back and forth from one parent’s house to the other can be hard on children. Some parents choose to initiate a bird nesting approach in their parenting plan, which can work well for some families to help the children adjust to life changes.  

What is bird nesting? 

Bird nesting is a unique approach to sharing parenting time where the children stay in one home while the parents have a rotating schedule for living with the children. This provides more stability for kids when they’re already dealing with many changes. Bird-nesting can be a short-term solution that allows children time to adapt to their parents’ divorce while allowing both parties to work out a more permanent living situation.  

This approach works best when parents have an amicable relationship. Communication is important when bird nesting so both parties have the same expectations about how the process will work. It’s best to agree on some ground rules about the running of the house to prevent issues during this unconventional method of co-parenting. 

Legal advice during divorce 

Going through a divorce often leaves one feeling unsure about the future. A divorce can come with many life changes, especially if the couple has minor children. When deciding on important divorce matters like child custody, one can benefit from working with a Florida family law attorney who can provide guidance and advice during this difficult process.