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Divorce month is fast approaching

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Divorce

The holiday season can bring a significant amount of stress to a relationship, especially when the two parties are already experiencing problems. This is one of the leading reasons why many Florida spouses file for divorce in January, just after this stressful season is over. January is often called divorce month, and for any individual considering this step in the next few months, now is the time to prepare.

Stressors can take a toll

There are many reasons why the end of the year can be one of the most difficult times for a relationship. Holidays are busy, and there is often a disagreement over how a couple should spend their time. Holidays can also be quite expensive, and finances are one of the leading causes for a divorce. Divorce is more likely after a stressful or difficult period.

January is known as divorce month because of the significant uptick in filings at this time of year. For someone considering divorce, the stress of the holiday season may prompt the final decision. Others may wait until after the start of the year to file due to travel plans or for the sake of the children.

Guidance during divorce

Divorce is a major legal and financial decision. It is critical to take the serious nature of this decision seriously, taking the time to prepare for what is ahead. If a Florida spouse is considering divorce after the holiday season, it is prudent to speak with an attorney about the steps one should be taking now for his or her future benefit.