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Is the divorce rate on the rise?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2023 | Divorce

There are many different reasons that couples choose to end their marriages. Disagreements over money, infidelity and irreconcilable differences are only a few of the most common reasons that Florida couples choose to divorce. Divorce is now more common than at any other point in American history, and it may be helpful to take a look at the factors that could play a role in this trend. The United States currently ranks third for divorces, even though the overall number of petitions fluctuates. 

A 50% divorce rate 

There is an assumption that the divorce rate in the United States is around 50%, and while that is relatively accurate, it is slightly less now. One reason why divorce is now more common is due to the fact that it is more socially acceptable, but each person’s reason to move forward with this is deeply personal and based on his or her unique experiences. 

Some choose to divorce for reasons that include physical abuse, money issues and more, while others choose to divorce simply for their own happiness. Each spouse has the right to seek an outcome that allows for a strong future. What that means specifically depends on the details of the individual situation. 

A strong future after divorce 

Regardless of the reason for a divorce, each person has the right to seek the best possible outcome. During the emotional difficulties of a divorce, it may help to remain focused on choices that will allow one to have a strong and stable future. To assist with these decisions and other legal matters, it may help to work with an experienced family law attorney.