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Facts about divorce in 2023

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Divorce

People choose to end their marriages for reasons that are varied and deeply personal. While each divorce is unique, many divorce processes follow similar patterns, and divorcees often face similar challenges after the final judgment is entered. Looking at divorce statistics and patterns may provide insight for a Florida spouse who is facing this prospect. Preparing ahead may help to make smart, thoughtful decisions that could lay the foundation for a strong future. 

What do trends and statistics mean for a Florida spouse? 

It has long been said that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, and statistics indicate that is generally true for first marriages. For second and third marriages, the divorce rate is higher. Other facts and statistics about divorce include: 

  • The average length of a marriage before a divorce is eight years. 
  • Simple divorces can be finalized in a few months, while more complicated divorces can take over a year or longer to complete. 
  • For new marriages, approximately 40% include a partner who is remarrying. 
  • Most spouses who divorce own their own home. 

While these facts do provide insight into many divorces, each divorce is unique. Each spouse has the right to pursue terms that are meaningful and important to his or her post-divorce future. 

Facing the future with confidence 

When facing a divorce, it is critical to seek terms that allow one to have confidence and security long-term. While divorce is common, it can have an uncommon effect on one’s life, and it is important to have experienced counsel along the way. Before making any important decisions regarding one’s future, it may be beneficial to secure the services of a Florida divorce attorney.