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Protecting the mental and emotional health of kids during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Divorce

The decisions that parents make have the potential to significantly impact their children for years to come. This is especially true during divorce proceedings when the choices that the parents make can affect everything from where the kids live to when they see their parents on holidays. It is important for parents to make smart and practical choices during a Florida divorce, focusing on preserving the mental and emotional health of their kids as much as possible. 

Smart steps for parents 

Florida parents know that if not handled with care, their divorce could negatively impact the mental health of their children. That is why it is critical for parents to focus on the needs of their kids and their long-term interests above all else. Additionally, they may find that providing the children a way to express their feelings may be useful, such as through individual or family therapy. 

Another useful step is to respect the relationship the children have with their other parent. Forcing loyalty or acting in ways that can harm how the children think about their other parent can do long-term harm. Parents can protect their kids by setting healthy boundaries, limiting changes as much as possible and reducing conflict with the other parent. 

Prioritizing the needs of the children 

Protecting the children is an important priority for parents as they walk through a divorce. This can be difficult as it requires parents to set aside their own feelings for the benefit of their kids. It may be beneficial to seek the guidance and support of an experienced attorney when addressing custody and visitation concerns.