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How can parents help their children during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Divorce

Children are often hit the hardest when their parents go through a divorce in Florida or anywhere else. Although the split might be necessary, the parents must prioritize their children’s well-being.

Talk to them together

If it’s possible, talk to your child together with your spouse to break the news about the divorce. Hiding the truth from them can only damage their trust in you and your relationship. Explain that even though you won’t be married anymore, you and your spouse both love them very much and will continue to be there as a family.

Listen to them

Your child might be blindsided, saddened or angry upon learning about the divorce. Some emotions can stay with them for much of the process. Listen to your child and allow them to vent whatever emotions they’re experiencing. They will probably also tell you about their concerns surrounding your divorce, which is normal. Children of all ages have fears, doubts, worries and other issues during such a trying time.

Commit to co-parenting

One of the best ways to help your child during your divorce is to commit yourself to co-parenting with your spouse. Regardless of your feelings for one another, agreeing to work together to continue raising your child and creating a good parenting plan can help keep things structured and normal for them.

Avoid fighting and other negativity

Avoid fighting in your child’s presence and don’t do anything that could hurt them emotionally or psychologically. Don’t try to use them as a messenger to get dirt on your spouse. Anything ugly and negative can lead to lasting damage.

Keeping your child at the forefront of your mind can help when you’re getting a divorce. It helps you keep what’s important in perspective.