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A “perfect” divorce: Is there such a thing?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Divorce

Is there such a thing as a “perfect divorce?” Residents of Florida may want to learn more about the ways in which a more successful outcome is possible when they are faced with a divorce. You want to know that there will be a healthy future for you and your children.

Everything is not “fine”

There may be a time when it becomes obvious that divorce is necessary. It may be a slow process or a sudden wake-up call.

Broach the topic of divorce with your spouse tactfully and privately. If your spouse brings up the topic of divorce to you, try to keep your cool no matter how upset you might be. Do not dare your significant other. “Go ahead” is not a term to use at this point. If it seems that staying together is not a good choice, and you explored therapy, then it’s time to move on with your lives.

Avoid damage to your children

Leaving emotion behind, you should be thinking of your kids. Sit down and have a rational discussion with them. They will likely have an emotional reaction, and it’s in their best interest if you are calm yet supportive of their feelings.

You may want to explore the benefits of mediation as a means of collaboration. Realize that you may have a different sense of what is fair. For this reason, a team approach and mediation may be more successful.

Be realistic

Co-parenting is often the preferred option. Try to find ways to disrupt the children’s lives as little as possible, and work on schedules and alter them if there is a need.

Your divorce may not be “perfect,” but neither was your marriage. A smoother divorce with dignity is possible, however.