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How digital assets can affect divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2023 | Divorce

Property division is one of the most important and often most contentious aspects of divorce proceedings. While some spouses are willing to negotiate the terms of their divorce order together, there are times when the spouses are unable to work together on fair and reasonable terms. In fact, it is possible that a spouse may work to keep the other party from his or her fair share of all marital property. They may do this by hiding certain assets, such as digital currency 

Locating hidden assets 

In a recent divorce, a spouse noticed that the other party’s financial disclosures were suspicious. Despite making millions per year, the other party listed very few assets. This raised concern, and the other spouse began an effort to locate potentially hidden assets and money. She employed the services of a forensic accountant to investigate, eventually finding almost $500,000 in Bitcoin. 

A spouse has a rightful claim to a share of all marital property. This includes physical assets, as well as digital currency that may have some monetary value. If there is a suspicion of hidden assets, it is within the right of a spouse to locate these assets and fight for his or her rightful portion. 

Property division matters 

The terms of a property division order matter. If a Florida spouse is navigating concerns related to hidden assets during his or her divorce, legal guidance will be critical. An assessment of the situation can help determine how to locate all marital assets, the value of these assets and what steps are necessary to secure a fair division of property.