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The role of the custodial parent

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Child Custody

One of the most important factors for divorcing parents is to ensure they allow their kids to have as much stability and security as possible. There is no single perfect way to accomplish this goal, but one helpful step is to understand custody terms and what they mean for each parent. For example, it is important to understand the role of the custodial parent and how to seek meaningful, beneficial terms.

Who has primary or sole custody of the child?

While joint custody is often considered the preferred custody type, this is not always possible or practical. In these situations, one Florida parent will retain primary custody of the kids. This is the custodial parent, which is the parent who has the kids for the majority of the time. The custodial parent has the primary responsibility of caring for the child on a daily basis and providing for his or her needs.

Physical custody refers to the amount of time a child will have with his or her parent. Legal custody is the right that a parent has to have a say in important life decisions for the child. It is possible for one parent to retain legal custody while still sharing legal custody with the other parent.

Beneficial and practical custody terms

The intent of any custody order is to provide the children with stability and security long-term. If a Florida parent believes it is best for him or her to be the primary custodial parent, it may be helpful to discuss this option with an experienced attorney first. Protecting the best interests of the kids is the primary goal in any custody case.