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The long-term effects of divorce on kids

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Divorce

Even years after the divorce ends, most children are negatively affected by the event. Although some children grow up to be well-functioning adults, others struggle with their problems for decades. In Florida, most children with divorced parents experience common emotional problems that last for years.

Strained relationships

Strained relationships occur when two people become spiteful and distrustful of each other. During and after a divorce, it’s easy for normal relationships to become strained. Children feel forced to take sides with one parent or the other. The child may blame either one parent or both parents for creating the situation.

Estranged relationships

A divorce is marked by a physical separation of the family that requires the children to choose one parent to live with. Otherwise, a decision made by a family court judge could force them to live with one parent. A child is more likely to become permanently estranged from a parent that is located many miles away. As the child becomes an adult, it becomes more difficult to build a strong, close relationship with the parent.

Lack of good role models

Children with divorced parents find it harder to build close relationships with adults. They become distrustful of adults and choose to become more independent without proper guidance. They lack a solid adult role model by living in a household without a mother and father.

A divorce is often the only option but has serious, long-term effects on the children. They experience a wide range of emotions, from anger to guilt, that ruin their relationships with their parents. The physical separation between the parent and the child is one of the biggest problems that could lead to permanently estranged relationships. Over time, the children may become too independent and lack proper role models in their lives.