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Summer custody schedules might be different

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Child Custody

Those who are newly separated or divorced may want to pay attention to the summer schedule, which may be somewhat different from the Florida school-year schedule. Although summer may have begun, you or your spouse (ex) may have vacation time planned or camp plans for the kids.

Depending on summer schedules, children should have access to both parents. Psychological studies show that planning ahead to avoid conflict is a wise choice. Sometimes summer brings up a range of strong emotions, and knowing how to handle the first year may prevent challenges in parenting and divorce.

Custody issues present pressure

You can work out who will have the children, when, and where pick-up and drop-off will occur. Sharing itineraries, if the children are traveling with a parent, might help to create a calmer environment for both the children and their other parent.

Discuss summer plans

If there is no plan in place yet, talk over summer plans with your ex. Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day are holidays to be aware of, as well as a reasonable time of two weeks for travel or camp.

That first summer may present challenges

Note how children respond to their summer schedule with a parent. Family law acknowledges that protecting the child’s emotional well-being is important as is your emotional well-being and stress levels. Remember that you are building a host of new traditions as you navigate the first year of your separation or divorce.

It might even be a fun time for the children, as a new family unit comes into play. They might get to visit places and try new things that weren’t possible for a previously troubled family unit.

Summer brings times of fun, travel and relaxation. For those who are newly divorced or separated, it may bring a time of challenges. Sharing schedules, as well as children, is often a step in resolution.