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Dr. Dre ordered to find new divorce attorneys

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Divorce

It seems like there is a new celebrity divorce story in the news every day, whether it is Kelley Clarkson, Kim Kardashian, Kanje or Dr. Dre. We are constantly bombarded with these stories, and the recent news from the Dr. Dre and Nicole Young divorce case is yet another wrinkle in that divorce saga.

The new divorce court order

According to the new divorce court order, Dr. Dre must now find new divorce attorneys. His estranged wife, Ms. Young, and her attorney, Samantha Spector, argued that Dr. Dre’s attorneys, Howard King and Laura Wasser, were barred from representing Dr. Dre in the divorce proceedings because of Mr. King’s prior representations. Specifically, Mr. King represented Dr. Dre throughout his marriage with Ms. Young, meaning that Mr. King was also representing Ms. Young during that time. Then, since Mr. King was working with Ms. Wasser, she was also “vicariously disqualified” as Mr. King was disqualified. While this may be a novel ruling, the judge agreed with Ms. Young and her attorney.

The take-away from this order

Essentially, this order means that a couple’s family attorney or an attorney that represents one of the spouses during a marriage cannot then individual represent one of the spouses in a subsequent divorce. This is because an attorney that represents a couple cannot “take sides” thereafter.

Advice for those thinking of divorce

For those in Inverness, Florida, thinking of divorce, call an attorney immediately. If there is one take-away from all of these celebrity divorce headlines, it is that divorce can become complicated, quickly. But, with the help of an experienced attorney, one can better navigate this complicated and emotional process.