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Police arrest several people in alleged drug ring

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Drug Offenses

Authorities working in another part of Florida have now arrested several people whom they say were involved in trafficking different types of drugs.

Police accused the people of working together to sell different types of drugs, including crack and heroin.

The people came under suspicion after police who were making a traffic stop caught another man with cocaine in his possession. After police conducted surveillance, they arrested one of the men allegedly involved back in October.

Eventually, police obtained search warrants and raided two homes. They said that they found significant amounts of different types of drugs, as well as a weapon and over $75,000 in cash.

Among other charges, police accused the people of using a two-way device in the commission of a felony. It may seem like a strange law, but it is actually a felony in Florida to use a walkie-talkie to plan or engage in a felony.

The accused will need to evaluate their legal options carefully

As is this case with other states, Florida officials take drug crimes seriously. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors in Citrus County are dedicated to investigating drug trafficking and have the resources to do so.

Furthermore, the penalties for drug crimes, particularly crimes related to the distribution of drugs, are severe. Even with little or no criminal history, a person can spend years or even decades in prison. Fines, the forfeiture of property and other penalties are also possible.

There are many defenses available to drug charges.

For example, the police will have to be able to show that their investigation followed the law. If they for instance violate a person’s Fourth Amendment rights, a court may disallow critical evidence.

Also, in cases where multiple people are involved, it is very possible that one or more people have been overcharged, that is, accused of having more of a role than they actually did.

Given the severity of the consequences, a person accused of a drug crime should evaluate his or her legal options carefully.