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The unexpected benefits of foster care adoption in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Adoption

There are many benefits to adopting a child in Florida. Besides the joy of growing your family and raising a child in a loving and supportive environment, adoptive parents in Florida may find there are unexpected benefits to adopting a child through the state’s foster care system, as opposed to a private adoption.

The cost of adopting through foster care

Parents wishing to adopt a child may find that, compared to private adoptions that could cost them tens of thousands of dollars, adopting a child through the state via foster care has few costs or may even be free. The state offers parents adopting through foster care the requisite training and home study at no charge, and if necessary, it may even be possible to have court costs and fees associated with adoption through foster care paid by the agency.


Adoption through foster care gives you the opportunity to get to know the child before formally adopting them. This means you can find a child with interests compliment your own, especially an older child. In addition, you can ensure you will be able to meet the child’s unique needs. Also, adoption through the state gives you the opportunity to adopt sibling groups, allowing them to maintain their close relationships with one another and providing you with an “instant” family.


There may always be the concern in the back of the mind of prospective adoptive parents that the child’s biological parents may change their mind about the adoption. However, because adoption through the state cannot happen until the child’s biological parents’ rights have been terminated, state adoption is very legally secure.

Monthly financial support

If you adopt a child through the state of Florida, you may be entitled to monthly payments to help with the costs of raising the child until the child reaches age 18. The amount of support is calculated through negotiations on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind the child’s needs and the availability of funds in “Florida’s Adoption Assistance Program.”

These are only some benefits of adopting through the state of Florida

These are only some examples of the benefits that come with adopting a child through Florida’s foster care system. Of course, the greatest joy is becoming a parent to a child in need. Adoption is at its essence a legal process, so those in Inverness who wish to adopt a child through the foster care system will want to seek the advice of an attorney before proceeding.