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Steps to take after a spouse asks for a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Divorce

When couples say, “I do,” they intend it to mean until death does them part. Unfortunately, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. This means that even the happiest of couples need to consider this possibility no matter how unlikely they believe it to be.

Because when a divorce is filed for, life alters for each spouse. This could be in a significant way, often requiring a spouse to make major changes like moving, leaving behind property and even dividing assets they intended to keep separate from the marital property. Thus, it is essential to take certain steps as soon as one decides they are moving forward with a divorce.

What to do when a spouse asks for a divorce

While it is likely a shocking and emotional time, it is important to do your best to think clearly and practically when a partner asks for a divorce. Unfortunately, money is essential in life, so it is imperative that one looks at al the assets contained in the marriage, establishing what your might be entitled to. Getting a clear financial picture means looking at credit reports, closing joint credit card accounts and establish everything that could be considered marital property.

It is also important to protect one’s savings. One may be fearful that the other spouse will empty out their accounts. Requiring two signatures for a withdrawal could guard this against. If it is difficult to assess all assets and property that may be involved in a divorce, it may be necessary to hire a financial advisor. This could also help uncover hidden assets if this is an issue.

Other steps to take

Although it is an emotional process that could turn into a high conflict situation, it is best to keep the process as civil as possible. This not only reduces the stress the process causes, but it could also help reduce the time and money put into completing the process. Finally, if children are involved, it is important to discuss how best to inform the children. This could help begin the discussion of child custody and support if necessary.

Divorce is not easy, but one does need to go through it alone. With legal representation, a spouse can fully understand the process and gain a perspective of their future and what life will be like post-divorce. Finally, this can help ensure one’s rights are protected and best interests are preserved.