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Four arrested in Citrus County after infant dies from meth toxicity

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Assault, Homicide & Violent Crimes, Criminal Defense

When a Citrus County resident is facing serious criminal charges, they can feel scared and alone. Criminal charges such as drug possession and manslaughter are all aggressively prosecuted. Those who are facing these charges need to understand the consequences of a conviction and understand the importance of a criminal defense attorney.

Four people were recently arrested in Citrus County. This past March authorities were called to a house where a two-month-old baby was not breathing. She was taken to a local hospital where she died. The medical examiner determined that methamphetamine toxicity contributed to her death. The four adults who lived in the house were recently arrested after detectives learned that they regularly smoked and snorted meth in the house. The four adults have been charged with manslaughter and child neglect along with maintaining a dwelling for the purposes of using a controlled substance.

When a person finds themselves on the other side of the law, it can be a scary place to be. Prosecutors will aggressively interview and threaten a defendant. A defendant can be facing years in prison which can threaten a person’s freedom. An attorney who specializes in criminal defense can help their client by:

  • Aggressively defending their client’s legal rights
  • Helping to negotiate a lesser sentence
  • Frequently communicate with their client as to where their case stands
  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest
  • Fight vigorously to protect their client’s future

An arrest for a serious charge can have consequences that extend far into the future. Those who are facing serious charges like manslaughter should speak with an attorney as soon as possible.