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Divorce does not need to harm job performance

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce

In Florida, the divorce process does not press the pause button on the rest of a person’s life. Chances are that the person going through a divorce is also employed. In that case, they must be careful not to let the stress of the divorce threaten their job security. Either they need to continue to perform at work or communicate their circumstances to their employer.

In most cases, the best thing that someone can do is pull their boss aside for a conversation about what is going on in their life. The length of the talk and the details shared are up to the employee. At the very minimum, the supervisor needs to know what is happening in case the employee’s performance does slip. If management chooses to offer support to the employee, it should be accepted. However, one needs to be careful about talking too much with their coworkers about the details of the divorce.

Of course, the best way to deal with job performance is to maintain it without a drop-off. This would require that a person deal with the emotional issues of the divorce while they are occurring. If an individual is forgiving and can dedicate themselves to moving on, there is less of a chance that the rest of their life will be overtaken by the bitterness of the divorce process.

One way to minimize the stress of a divorce may be to hire a divorce attorney. Removing oneself from the details can free up emotional bandwidth to begin the recovery process. The attorney may also help keep their client grounded by giving them a reality check when tensions seem about to spiral out of control. A divorce attorney might help facilitate settlements that keep the matter out of court and allow the parties to go on with their lives.